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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section

If your question isn't answered here, do get in touch.

What exactly do I have to do?

As minimal as possible. We will do all the heavy lifting with regards to choosing and placing bets. Your role can be seen as to simply facilitate the placing of bets. We have streamlined the process so that you only have to follow a few simple steps, and therefore should be paid within a few days of joining. As stated this will be a one off process, please do get in touch to learn more.

Please do note that you will be required to open a throw away betting bank account that will be used to fund the bookmaker accounts.

How soon do I get paid?


As soon as we are confident in the ability to place +EV bets, we will pay profits to your designated destination. This process usually takes 1 week, but can be as quick as just a few days.


Why don’t I just do what you are doing myself?

Between us, we have years of experience in getting the edge on the bookmakers. We have spent many years studying this full time. The information and skills we have amassed are not readily available to everyone. There is also a large psychological aspect to what we do. We have to be okay with risk, and be willing to lose what we stake. 

Most people can make some profit from sign up offers, but will not get value from their accounts after this. Worse still, they may be seduced by bad casino offers and  be lured down a dark path of chasing losses. If you do wish to try for yourself then we of course wish you the best of luck.


If I only do the Referral program, what is required of me?


You will simply be the go-between in bringing new customers our way. So if you think you can find people that meet our requirements that could do with a little extra cash, we can provide you with the information needed.


You can recruit in your own time, as many or as few people as you see fit. We have no expectations, no deadlines, no commitments, you can bring us 1 client a year, or 10 a month, whatever you are comfortable with. We can provide you with extra support and information if you do decide to recruit others.


This sounds too good to be true, why should I trust you?


Hopefully by now we’ve done our job in explaining how this all works. It’s rare that anything is win win, especially when it comes to quick money, but we are confident in our abilities to beat the bookmakers. So in a way, someone is losing, in this case it’s the multi billion pound bookmakers who pray on vulnerable gambling addicts. We personally won’t be losing any sleep over that.

This is an opportunity for us to create a community whereby normal everyday people are giving the chance to sell an asset they may have never even realised they had, and to continue making money through the referral plan. All done in a legal, risk free manner.

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